I am Ditto and I ride a Flower Monster '89 (that's what I call it, anyway), my friend drew Baby Dango on my scooter to make it look extra fierce. I wrote "Dang!" on there because I want to let people know what I am about. Chambone: Loafer. Raconteur. Devourer of green curry.
Wallace likes to think hes a real tough guy, but hes actually very polite. Gus is a rough and tumble tomcat with a heart of gold, not nearly so tough as his tattered ears suggest. Loves to ride the open road and feel the wind in his whiskers.
Edwin enjoys reading, scootering and science. If accepted, he will share his plans for a nuclear powered scooter. This is arnold. He likes to think red ones go faster, as long as he can hold on.
Percival: Illegal immigrant. Crossed border upon a scooter made of the bones of his enemies and held together by the glue of the American dream. Scooters using his flippers due to lack of discernible legs. Nozzie the Kiwi is the top-ranking scooterist in New Zealand and is a co-founder of the online resource for flightless birds, Kiwipedia.com. He enjoys fertile soil and sniffing the rushing wind.
This is Patric, the octopus, who loves to race. He hails from France, so he has some occasionaly problems with his accent, but not many. He tends to hang around the coast, with fairly good reason! Pinker! He's a Lesser Sooty Owl (related to the barn owl but somewhat more badass and smarmy). He doesn't take any guff, although he does enjoy tea and the occasional Sweetheart candy.
This bat with orange helmet is intent with getting into the Black Rabbits Scootering Club. This is Bruce the Beaver. Bruce likes wood. His dislikes include linoleum, concrete, processed fiber board, and overly aggressive chickens.
Bertram enjoys riding his moped and is always a bit shaken after particularly exhilarating rides (especially those that involve big, eye-level clouds of bugs). He has a cup of tea by the side of the road when the sun starts to go down. This is Harold. He's a giraffe! Likes: Sunny days, raspberry jam, road safety, and motor scooters. Dislikes: Tall jokes, pants. Sign: Virgo
Jimothy enjoys loose change, loitering, and fudgesickles. He's mean, he's green
and so's his machine.
Jeremiah is prince of the road.
Chester Rabbit - born to ride, with his best girl by his side, and his trusty accordion in the basket (not pictured) Duodenum Jack. Just because he lost his body in 'Nam does not mean it doesn't hurt when he catches his appendix in his bike spokes.
Zak: Platypus. Smokes candy cigarettes, watching Dr.Who reruns & Kettle corn. Why should he be in the Black Rabbits? Because his dad owns a big bank and will buy everyone new scooters AND tickets to see Oasis. Grigori drives slow!
Bana-no is a grumpy monkey who loves his shiny red helmet and how cool he looks with it. He kinda dislikes almost everything else (particularly bananas..) This is Huey. His lack of neck doesn't bother him. He has a tatoo of john lennon on his bum (but doesn't know that).
Aspi drinks maple syrup whiskey and scooters uphill on Fridays. Jangle's interests: riding his wicked-sweet ten speed, eating honey, and hurtling toward the sun at the speed of sound. Turnoffs: bees and other flightless birds and dastardly keyboards too small for even his rather dainty paws to employ.
Lt. Snackleton
Interests: Fluffies, bells, liver, proper attire, dinosaurs
Glenn "Fishlips" Gunty. He's a part time assassin and full time lover man.
Hot Diggety Dogz likes skateboarding, likes to watch the Mighty Boosh.
Favorite food: High stacked pancakes.
This is Tamtam. He took to scootering once he discovered that the wind felt better than seawater on his whiskers. Likes: fish and tiny flowers. Dislikes: being confused with the eggman.
This is Bosco. He has his own bike and has been riding solo for about a year-and-a-half. He secretly hopes to meet a nice biker babe and settle down to start a family. He doesn't know a lot about motorcycles, but he is pretty sure that his ISN'T a cardboard box.
This is Dylan, he's a Puffin, his interests are speed, leather, and Sailor Moon. He's the typical loner biker type, but if approached, he's suprisingly chatty and friendly. Shona DeBerg
LIKES: Scooters, Looters and Suiters.
DISLIKES: Hooters.
Captain Fenwell Dostf
Likes Comics and Sci-Fi
Does not like Feta Cheese
Conall enjoys ties, bread crumbs, and, of course, scootering. He does not enjoy small, unleashed children.
Beau Turtle
Is he a speed demon?
Kind of.
Elroy considers himself an excellent choice for the Black Rabbits, because every club needs a bipedal elephant. Interests: scootering, helmet safety, and picking up chicks.
Wilford is not some sissy pony. He is a miniature horse. His interests include death metal, caramel apples, and pretending to like Fellini movies but he doesn't really "get" them. Broken Bone Benny Beaver Interest: BITING!!!
So this is sancho, he is a shih tzu. He's so tough he eats chocolate for laughs. His interests include, party hats, mustaches, and his baby blankie.
His only fear is ----- raisins



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